Minorca, declared as a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO is a true delight for your senses, subtly inviting you to discover new ways to let time go by and new ways to listen to its silence.

If the contemplation of the island's landscapes and its light are not enough to satisfy you, the stay is also an opportunity to participate in different open air activities, such as hiking, trekking, horse riding and cycling in the seaside, beaches (cales) and on the Camí de Cavalls (public perimeter track encircling the island with more than 180km of diverse and singular landscapes), kayak, sailing and boat trips tours, scuba diving, bird watching,... We can inform and guide you.

With your children, your friends, your couple or on your own, your experience in this island will probably remain amongst the best souvenirs in your memory...

Minorca cannot be explained, you need to live it and you need to feel it. It is a wholesome experience.

Where are we?

Ses Sucreres is situated in the old neighbourhood of Ferreries nearby the square of the Sant Bartomeu's Church, in the centre of the island between the capital Maó in the East end (airport, dock and harbour, bus station) and Ciutadella (dock and harbour, bus station) in the opposite.

In Ferreries you are located between the Northern rocky coastline with several lighthouses and the Southern one with pine forests, fine white sand beaches and Turkish blue water.

From Ferreries, several footpaths and tracks shine and allow you in countless opportunities to discover the island and its history.

How to arrive?

If you arrive by bus. Take the Verge del Toro avenue until the Espanya square. Cross the square through the oposite side. Turn on the left, on Fred Street. Go up this street and you will quickly find some stairs on the right. Take them and then turn left, you will find Ses Sucreres to the right of Sant Joan street, nº15.

If you arrive from Maó by car, motorbike or bike ignore the exit to Ferreries from the ME1. Continue on the road direction Ciutadella, you will pass into a tunel and arrive at a big roundabout. You will go around this roundabout and take the exit to Ferreries. Once you've left the roundabout, on the left you will see the parking of the cemetery. You can park your car there and reach Ses Sucreres walking. You will cross the road and follow it on the left. You will cross an other road (the one which go to Es Migjorn), you will take down the stairs you will find. The street you arrive will bring you to our street, Ses Sucreres is on the left, C/Sant Joan nº15.

If you arrive from Ciutadella by car, motorbike or bike the way you have to follow is exactly the same from the big roundabout you find arriving form Ciutadella.

If you prefer to drop off your luggages before going to park ignore the parking of the cemetery and go down on the Trotxa street. You will find on your right a traffic-sign indicating Ses Sucreres. Turn right and go up until the end of the La Pau street and then, turn left and quickly again to the right where you will find us in Ses Sucreres, nº15.