Since 2010 Ses Sucreres is a small 6 rooms hotel located in one of the oldest streets of Ferreries, a village in the middle of Menorca and close to everything.

Ses Sucreres just like Hevresac, our last project in Maó, can be defined by the free expression of our creativity thinking about the real meaning of the word hospitality assuming that conventionnal models of classic hotel accomodation sometimes boring and impersonal are not our cup of tea.

Our places are sincere and without arrogance, local and global at the same time, dedicated to curious and open minds.

Our credo? Probably the sum of our sensibilities (ours + yours)


Initially, the restauration of a building from 1844 based on natural and recycled products and the development of a sustainable energy model.

Since then, honesty with our values taking into account our village and our community working preferably with craftmen and shops of Ferreries and Menorca in general. More exotic food products such as coffee and sugar are Fairtrade products.

Direct players in the tourism sector but concerned with the preservation of a territory clearly limited by its insularity, we take the side of quality and sustainable tourism, respectful of menorcan society, the land and the sea.

And always responsible and conscientious when it comes to fulfilling our first mission: to ensure your rest and your well-being.


We are definitively sensitive to art, the lower-case and the capital ones, to human meetings, to debates and to chattings.

Photography, paintings, outdoors cinema projections, small pocket-theatre plays, literary cafés regularly enlighten and much inspire each of us.

Ses Sucreres is a personnel and intimate creation where dominate the art of the tangible and unsuspected intangible details.

The art of savoir-vivre with simplicity.

Ses Sucreres is our art.