It all started in 2009 when we transformed Ses Sucreres into a small six-room interior tourism hotel located in one of the oldest streets of Ferreries, a village close to everything in the middle of Minorca.

Both Ses Sucreres and Hevresac, our latest project in Maó, are defined by a deep desire to get off the beaten track and away from the conventional models of classic hotel accommodation that can be impersonal sometimes.
Our places are sincere and unpretentious, dedicated to curious minds open to the world and to people.

The 2023 season marks a new stage for Ses Sucreres with more rooms, more space, an unexpected charming garden, a small pool, more comfort and more conviviality as we look forward to welcoming not only our guests but also our neighbours, external visitors from Minorca and elsewhere for a  breakfast, a brunch or a simple coffee.

The spaces evolve but our credo remains the same: the sum of our sensibilities (yours + ours).


At the beginning, the restoration of a building from 1844 using natural and recycled materials and the development of a sustainable energy model.

Since then, we have been consistent with the values that we claim, taking into account our village and our community: sensitive to local development, we prefer to work with craftsmen and shops in Ferreries and Menorca in general. The more exotic food products such as coffee and sugar are from Fair Trade.

As direct actors in the tourism sector, but concerned about the preservation of a territory clearly limited by its insularity, we take the side of a benevolent tourism with the Minorcan society, its territory and sea without neglecting our responsability and basic mission: to ensure your rest and well-being.


We are definitively sensitive to the lower-case art and the upper case Art, to human meetings, to debates and to chattings.

Photography, paintings, outdoors cinema projections, small pocket-theatre plays, literary cafés regularly enlighten and much inspire each of us.

Ses Sucreres is a personnel and intimate creation where dominates the art of the tangible and unsuspected intangible details.

The art of savoir-vivre with simplicity.

Ses Sucreres is our art.