How do they describe us? As a simple and refined space, cozy and inspiring in at a time serene, eclectic and ex-tempore atmosphere.

From 2010 we are a small turisme d'interior hotel with six rooms in the old neighbourhood of Ferreries near to everything in the center of Minorca.

Our creed ? Probably the sum of our sensitivities.


From its initial foundations, restoring a 1844 dated manor with ecological materials and a sustainable energy model.

Being honest with the values we preach taking always into consideration our little village and local community.

Ses Sucreres is sensitive to the local economic development, being supplied by Ferreries merchants, if available, with local and/or fair traded products of quality.

Being responsible by not forgetting our very first mission: to take care of your rest and your physical and sensory welfare.

Without pretending to reinvent the hospitality sector but constantly re-adressing its conventions and most boring and impersonal standards.

A singularly different space inviting to live any experience beyond the common feeling of only being-at-home.


We are definitively sensitive to art, the lower-case and the capital ones, to human meetings, to debates and to chattings.

Photography, paintings, outdoors cinema projections, small pocket-theatre plays, literary cafés regularly enlighten and much inspire each of us.

Ses Sucreres is our creation: a personnel and intimate creation.

The art of the tangible and unsuspected intangible details, the art of savoir-vivre with simplicity.

The subtle art of the esthetics and the comunion with its environment.

Ses Sucreres is our art.