No, that is not all.

If you wish, we will be happy to help you to organize your stay and activities in Minorca: beach or far-niente, walking routes, hiking on foot or horseback, the North, the South or the trails in the heart of th island, sailing, traditional festivals with the horses as authentic protagonists (do not miss Sant Bartomeu, Ferreries' festival on August 23rd and 24th), a creative or traditional restaurant, a nice boutique...Getting bored is just one option among many...

And do not hesitate to come to Minorca outside of summer. The experience will only be better, beleive us... The migratory birds passing through Minorca, the Tramontana and the storms in winter, the flowers in spring, the green colors of the island in winter and spring, the sea and the light so special...

The answer to the question what to do in Minorca can be quiet long that's why we have listed some links which can help you.

Minorca | A R T S & C U L T U R E/S

  • Apunt the cultural agenda of the island

Minorca | O U T DOOR

Minorca | A R T S + C R AF T S + F A R M S' products

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